Week of March 14

There used to be a fishmonger in many neighborhoods in Manhattan, but not anymore. Most fish I have access to within walking distance of my place in SoHo are sold at chain stores, like Wholefoods and Citarella. I more »

Week of March 7

In the six months or so that I’ve been following Edward around on Arthur Avenue, I don’t think I have seen him buy tuna or salmon or halibut or any other big predator fish. He always buys the more »

About Celeriac (Celery Root)

picture of celeriac

I have just started experimenting with this wonderful tangy root vegetable. Also known as celery root or knob celery, it is, indeed, knobby. I see them in winter in my markets: large, warty, dusty with dirt…they seem rather more »

Week of February 1st

Since Friday is Arthur Avenue day, Ed always cooks fresh fish for the weekend: a whole black bass, baked with garlic and olive oil, and broiled Maine sardines, which are dressed only with salt, olive oil and lemon more »

Grapefruit Notes

It’s grapefruit season and I just plowed through my first case, which I get from TerMarsch Groves in West Palm Beach. It is a total nod to my past. Throughout my childhood, my maternal grandparents spent the winter more »