Eugenia shops

On Arthur Avenue


Tino’s Delicatessen
2410 Arthur Avenue (718) 733-9879
Specialty goods, great home cooked stuff by Rosa.




Teitel Brothers
2372 Arthur Avenue
(718) 733-9400
Dried goods, marinated goods, cheese. Best price of highest quality pignoli nuts that I know of.


Randazzo’s Seafood
2327 Arthur Ave
(718) 367-4139
Fabulously fresh seafood at a good price. Great for the small fish, like sardines and tinker mackerel.


Biancardi Meats
2350 Arthur Ave
(718) 733-4058
Exceptional butchers, where I get my guanciale.


Madonia Brothers Bakery
2343 Arthur Ave
(718) 295-5573
For pizza dough and homemade Italian pretzels.



In Manhattan

Buon Italia
75 9th Ave (in the Chelsea Market)
(212) 633-9090
Only place I know that pretty consistently has sheep’s milk ricotta: the best!

Manhattan Fruit Exchange
448 West 16th Street (in the Chelsea Market)
(212) 989-2444
Very good, fresh vegetables; decent mushrooms, including a few wild species

and things I like, in no particular order

Where we drink wine and listen to music in SoHo

The Institute of Sustainable Design, founded by Kevin Bone

I buy my wines from John Truax at Flatiron Wines, who pairs better than anyone I know. Ask for him!

Where I get my bread flour

Best way to get the kids to calm down on Christmas Eve

Where to get vanilla powder

Where I get my grass fed free range beef, elk, and pork

coloradoranchWhere to stay in Colorado’s North Fork Valley:
Smith Fork Ranch
Leroux Creek Inn & Vineyards

Valley Organic Grower’s Association: All you need to know to find the good stuff in the North Fork Valley, CO

My favorite toffee

Where I get spices in NYC (a great place to visit if you are from out of town!)