Thank You Friends…

…For your kind words. Dementia is a really difficult illness for everyone involved and it was so comforting to hear from you. It seems like every other person I talk to has some experience with this.

Elinor has a robust appetite, thanks to Edward’s cooking. At lunch recently she plowed through a quarter of a watermelon while explaining to me how Robin Williams was coming over to visit later. This, after a fabulous vegetable soup, which I will post next week. But today, something from Neni: My new favorite pasta sauce! See The Greek Kitchen Ecosystem column on this site.

With love, Eugenia

4 Comments on “Thank You Friends…

  1. Believe me, I know what it is to watch as a loved one suffers serious illness. So I hope my words come across with the compassion I send you. A meal cooked by your father and a visit from Robin Williams, be it real or imaginary, sound much nicer than the awful realities of Brexit and Donald Trump.

    • Really? Eugenia tells a heart-rending family story and you respond with a tacky political comment?

  2. I send all my best wishes, Eugenia, to you and your entire family – and especially to your mother. You write of her with such love, respect, and compassion! May everyone stay strong in the family connection.