All I want to eat are salads…Sugar Snap Salad

All I want to eat are salads because it is so damn hot in New York City. My favorite this summer is a sugar snap salad, inspired by one I had at Maialino, a terrific restaurant inside the recently refurbished… Read More

Ful: Cooking Lebanese food in Bay Ridge

  Last Spring I took a League of Kitchens class with a Lebanese home cook, Jeanette, in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. When we entered her tidy apartment, the table was set with an array of beautiful dishes, which we… Read More

Lobster with Oranges and Tarragon

I eat oranges primarily in the winter, as their season is November through March. I order a case from Florida and when the fruit comes in, it’s oranges all the time. My favorites are Honeybells, also known as… Read More

Squash Soup with Chicken Confit and Pumpkin Seeds

  It’s cold and wet in New York City. About this time of year I really start thinking about my summers in Colorado: the warm hay fields and night skies sugared with stars, the red rock smell of… Read More

The Churn: Cabbage with Bacon and Pinoli

The Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design hosted the author James Howard Kunstler not long ago. Jim is the author of numerous books, including The Geography of Nowhere and The Long Emergency, among others, and the author of… Read More

The Churn, Interrupted

The Churn was disrupted recently. I got a call Thursday night from the ER in Westchester—those of you with elderly parents may be like me: when the phone rings at night I think Uh Oh. Not good. It’s… Read More

The Churn Continues…

The night before last I didn’t start dinner until after 6pm. It was a busy day preparing for a lecture I have at the Denver Botanical Gardens on September 25, various writing assignments that I am pecking away at,… Read More

The Churn

9/15 The Union Square Greenmarket is currently open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I’ve switched my appointment with my therapist to Wednesdays (therapy is a new experience, but as the great food retailer Georgio de Luca once… Read More

Hip Girl and the Art of the Kitchen Ecosystem

There’s a lot of ways to come at the idea of integrative cooking, and it is always a treat to meet a like-minded person. I met Kate Payne in 2009, shortly after I’d published Well-Preserved. She was, at… Read More


When I hunt mushrooms I am into motherloads. It’s morel season, and in order to really pick a lot the best place to go is the site of an old forest fire. This year I flew across the… Read More