Spaghettini with Onions and Bottarga

One weekend over the winter Neni and her husband Stathis came to visit us at our cottage on Long Island. She brought a jar of tuna bottarga (dried and pulverized grey mullet roe), a pound of spaghettini, a… Read More

Splendid Tuna Confit

I’ve been canning tuna fish for years, but after trying this crazy good (and super simple) tuna confit recipe, I may never bother again. Neni’s tuna confit is a short-term preservation where chunks of tuna are simmered in olive… Read More

It’s now or next year…Tomato Paste

Neni’s mother used to sun dry her tomato paste on their roof in Athens. Back then, the humidity in Athens was 15.9%. (It’s 37% now, says Neni, because of the excessive use of air conditioning in the city.)… Read More

Fish Soup, For Mourning

This is a sad post. In early December a beautiful young man, a schoolmate of my daughter’s, left a suicide note in his apartment. A few months later his body was found in the East River. He suffered… Read More

The Best Braised Chicken with Lemons

Though we had a long fall hiatus, Neni and I are going strong now. She showed me this lovely technique for braising chicken the other day and I have to say, this may be the most delectable braised… Read More

A Greek Lenten Specialty

It took me quite a while to get my head around this dish, because fava, to my knowledge is Vicia faba, the broad bean common in Italian cookery. When Neni talks about fava, she’s referring to something very… Read More

Thirty Minute Beef and Rice Soup

The fall was very busy for both Neni and me and so we haven’t had a chance to cook together. But last week I went up to her lovely apartment on Riverside drive, to learn how she makes… Read More

Stewed Beef with Eggplant

I am in Colorado and Neni is in Greece and while I thought it would be a drag to share recipes over the internet, it turns out not only to be easy but a wonderful marriage of east… Read More

Greek Cheese Pastries

Neni showed me how to make these wonderful little cheese pies right before she left New York for Greece. She told me she likes to make them before she goes on a trip because the recipe uses up… Read More

It’s Time To Start Drying Herbs

Neni has started drying her herbs for winter use. She told me she recently gathered wild thyme in the hills near her beach house on the Aegean and washed it in the sea before taking it home to… Read More