• Pasta with Caponata

    Elinor has always been an enthusiastic eater: very slow, excruciatingly tidy. “She would eat a whole fish, using her knife and fork, and leave only a tiny pile of bones in the corner of her plate,” Edward told… Read More

  • Thank You Friends…

    …For your kind words. Dementia is a really difficult illness for everyone involved and it was so comforting to hear from you. It seems like every other person I talk to has some experience with this. Elinor has… Read More

  • Edward’s Evening Soup

    I’ve been unable to write about Edward this winter and spring because while he continues to make wonderful recipes, and I continue to collect them and test many, and Megan continues to photograph them, I haven’t known how… Read More

  • Edward’s Boiled Beef Salad

    Last month it felt that rather than declining internally Ed and Elllie are declining by bits and pieces. They both had “procedures” recently, removing small growths from various parts of their bodies that could, if left untreated, become… Read More

  • Pasta di Trapani…with Almond Milk!

    It always amazes me when Edward reveals he is hip to something that I had figured was totally out of his purview. I mean, he has no idea who Bradley Cooper is, but he likes Snoop Dog. Likewise, I… Read More