Zucchini with Mint

Neni is in Greece, tending her garden, writing, swimming, napping, and of course, cooking. She just sent me this recipe. “We ate this with grilled lamb chops, a quinoa taboule salad, an avocado salad, and yogurt with preserved figs… Read More

The Favas are in!

We are finding mounds of fava beans in the green market on Arthur Avenue and the farmer’s markets in Manhattan. Edward has been making a light, fresh tasting fava been soup with them. That, and chicken soup with… Read More

Mint Pesto

Edward is using mint in everything these days, and Neni (see The Greek Kitchen Ecosystem) uses it all the time, fresh in the summer, dried in the winter (it is a key ingredient in her feta cheese pastries). Both… Read More

Braised Lamb with Springs Greens

The Greeks make a dish called Lamb Fricassee that is not a fricassee in the traditional French sense, but rather a delicate, savory braise of lamb and lettuce greens. I think they call it a fricassee because the… Read More

Peas, Peas, Peas

Edward cooks many of the same things in the same ways: broiled and baked fish, soups, salads, and vegetables with eggs, but I’ve noticed that he varies those dishes with seasonal ingredients. Indeed, I think Edward is pretty… Read More

Hip Girl and the Art of the Kitchen Ecosystem

There’s a lot of ways to come at the idea of integrative cooking, and it is always a treat to meet a like-minded person. I met Kate Payne in 2009, shortly after I’d published Well-Preserved. She was, at… Read More